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Therapy for Families & Spouses of First Responder

 Therapy Services for Families of First Responders

Helping spouses invest in themselves to create stronger relationships and a happier home life.

Finding The Right Support

It is possible to feel seen, appreciated and fulfilled in your relationship amid this demanding lifestyle and schedule. We can help you get there.  

Get back in touch with yourself.

Cultivate a deeper connection with your partner.

Process the ways this lifestyle has impacted you as an individual, as well as your relationship and your family.

Coming from Experience

First responders face unique challenges, protecting their emotions while working and often struggling to re-engage emotionally with family. This can result in the spouse coping with their partner’s usually stoic and ’emotionless’ exterior, resulting in frustration, anger, and conflict that pushes them further apart. The clinic owner and several therapists are partners with first responders and understand this lifestyle’s complexities and nuances. They know the toll it can take on your family and you as an individual. They take this experience into all aspects of their practice so that when you work together, they can help you remember who “you” are while also repairing disconnection and honouring the specific needs of your relationship and family. All of the therapists at Mindshift Therapy “get it.”

What To Expect

Using evidence-based approaches, we can help you create new ways of relating to your partner and asking for what you want and need. You’ll reduce conflict, improve communication, and cultivate that strong connection that brought you together in the first place.

Is Mind Shift Therapy For You?

Support Solutions for Families and Spouses of First Responders

Brain Health with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

Nurturing your mental agility and emotional stability is vital when you’re the backbone of a first responder’s support system. NeurOptimal Neurofeedback offers a non-invasive approach to optimize brain function, making coping with stress and change more manageable.

What We Specialize In

You fell in love for a reason, but that got lost somewhere in the long hours, night shifts, overtime and stress of such a demanding career.   

Vicarious Trauma

Depression & Anixety

Improving Communication of Needs

Feelings of Loss of Self

Infidelity & Loneliness


Let’s Make Family Feel Like Family Again.

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